Case Study

Global Financial Services Company Prepares for Move to the Cloud with NETSCOUT

Global Financial Services Company Prepares for Move to the Cloud with NETSCOUT


The Challenge
  • Datacenter consolidation and redesign
  • Need for expanded cloud visibility
  • Struggle to improve call quality in contact centers
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform
  • vSCOUT™ and vSTREAM™ virtual appliances
  • nGenius® 5000 series packet flow switch
  • NETSCOUT® Premium Support Services
The Results
  • Assure service visibility on-premises and in the cloud
  • Rapid root cause analysis to shorten time to resolution
  • Reduce business risk and protect revenue generating services

Customer Profile

This privately held financial services company focuses on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors. One of the world’s largest investment management organizations, they have almost $2 trillion dollars in assets under management, and an annual revenue of over $7 billion. This organization offers a variety of services including wealth management, asset allocation, retirement planning, and concentrated stock diversification throughout their globally distributed offices in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Delivering these services reliably depends on a proactive service assurance strategy, for which this organization turned to NETSCOUT.

The Challenge

This company was revolutionizing how they approached delivering superior IT services to their employees, customers and partners worldwide. This entailed a datacenter consolidation and deployment of a new datacenter to serve as a gateway for their expansion into cloud-based services. As a longtime NETSCOUT customer, the executive in charge of network and unified communications technologies knew how critical service assurance visibility and analysis was to maintain high-quality services for his customers and employees. The migration to a new data center and cloud services had to meet his users’ expectations and his confidence in delivering on those demands required the addition of NETSCOUT solutions for virtualized environments.

At the same time, call quality issues were increasing in the call centers, creating a need for a better monitoring solution to protect voice services driving millions of dollars a month in revenue. This solution needed to be scalable, so that many IT staff could concurrently monitor and troubleshoot voice services from different locations.

IT wanted not just a tool to get at the data, but to get at the right data, so they could solve problems quickly. They knew NETSCOUT could help them do this.

Solution in Action

The data center redesign heavily utilized virtualized server technology for deploying many of their services including their applications and databases. Accustomed as they were to NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG™ appliances for monitoring the high capacity core links, they turned to NETSCOUT for visibility into the east-west traffic within the virtualized server environments. The architects selected a combination of vSCOUT virtual appliances, vSTREAM software appliances and virtualized nGeniusONE servers to meet their real-time, continuous monitoring needs.

They are realizing value from deploying the vSCOUT virtual appliances within critical application and database servers throughout their new data center environment to collect high quality smart data and smarter analytics. Additionally, the vSTREAM virtual appliances are reducing troubleshooting time with granular packet capture and analysis capabilities as necessary.

The nGeniusONE Service Dashboard has been a primary tool in giving IT up-to-the-moment insights into the performance of business-critical applications and services, including VoIP in the call centers. Both the Media and Call Server Monitors help IT staff stay on top of any potential voice quality issues, to proactively respond before it becomes end user affecting. The Call Search feature to pull up a list of calls from a specified phone number or IP address is also very helpful.

The Results

With the nGenius solution in place, call quality has dramatically improved. IT now has visibility into every single external call coming into the call center, and has been able to proactively identify issues, including those caused by quality of service (QoS) mismatches and phones misconfigured with the wrong settings. Finding and resolving these issues helps protect millions of dollars a month in revenue from financial transactions. As IT continues to roll out services such as Skype for Business, Jabber, and Webex, NETSCOUT is a critical partner in assuring delivery of those services.

With the new datacenters coming online the IT team insisted on an expansion of their nGeniusONE visibility, monitoring and analysis to assure uptime and availability. By instrumenting during the rollout, IT was able to validate service quality as applications were migrated over from their old locations. These new facilities also serve as aggregated gateways to AWS and Azure cloud locations. IT is starting to shift some compute into the cloud and considered this the best way to maintain visibility as they move forward. For this IT group, as their business goes through rapid digital transformation, they are confident in their ability to keep pace with the changes and maintain uptime and availability thanks to NETSCOUT.