Case Study

European Bank Assures High-Quality Customer Experience with UC Services Using NETSCOUT

European Bank Assures High-Quality Customer Experience with UC Services Using NETSCOUT


The Challenge
  • Bank experienced difficulties monitoring new Microsoft® Skype for Business and UC technology deployed in their Contact Center
  • Contact Center technology issues impacting customer support quality
  • Existing troubleshooting-only approaches focused on potential network issues vs. granular UC call quality with end-to-end views
Solution in Action
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with UC analytics
  • InfiniStream® appliances, with Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) smart data technology
The Results
  • Streamlined, improved, and rapid troubleshooting with a single solution for always-on monitoring of bank’s Skype, UC, and Citrix platforms
  • Improved Contact Center performance that benefits customers and supports bank growth
  • IT moves beyond reactive troubleshooting to proactive Contact Center technology management

Customer Profile

This leading European Bank operates hundreds of branches on the continent, with subsidiaries managing additional financial operations overseas. In offering a full range of personal and commercial financial services to more than one million customers across multiple continents, the bank operates business and technology centers staffed by thousands of global employees.

Bank executives are justifiably proud of growing their business in successful fiscal years amid a financially challenging marketplace. As part of this growth, the bank has been effective in carefully identifying geographic regions underserved by other financial providers and establishing in-country operations to fill those gaps.

The Challenge

The bank’s use of Contact Center resources to remotely process their customers’ account management requests is a contributing factor to their business growth. In helping promote customer satisfaction and internal collaboration in enhancing service delivery efficiency, the bank made the decision to deploy Microsoft Skype for Business technology to supplement in place Unified Communications (UC) technology in their Contact Center. As part of the Contact Center technical environment, the bank also uses Citrix to help better deploy essential business services, including collaboration platforms, applications, and virtualization.

Soon after deploying Skype for Business, the bank’s IT team began experiencing issues in troubleshooting the UC technology environment. Specifically, the IT team found Skype very hard to monitor, and their existing tools did not provide successful troubleshooting approaches. These issues soon began impacting customer service quality, and IT realized a need to introduce a solution that would help better monitor its Contact Center technology.

Solution in Action

After a side-by-side review of competitive technology, the bank selected NETSCOUT’s next-generation Service Assurance technology to monitor their full Contact Center technology environment, including the Skype, UC, and Citrix platforms.

As part of their technology assessment, the bank determined the nGeniusONE platform provided the vendor-independent real-time monitoring for application performance, reporting, and problem resolution they needed to assure superior Contact Center service delivery.

Using smart data provided by NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence technology hosted in InfiniStream appliances, nGeniusONE UC performance metrics can be viewed by a range of keys, such as locations, community of users, servers, users, and applications. Leveraging the InfiniStream solution’s ability to gathering traffic data from key vantage points throughout the bank’s IT environment, nGeniusONE provides visibility into, and real-time assessment of the UC environment.

As part of their assessment, the bank determined the nGeniusONE platform provided the ability to support protocol analysis, monitored customer call quality, and presented performance metrics along the call path – all of which served as important solution differentiators.

In comparison, while a competitive solution could be spun up quickly for the bank’s Proof-of-Concept environment, this alternative offered the bank a limited approach that focused only on ruling out parts of the network as probable causes in a troubleshooting process. Whereas, nGeniusONE provides the end-to-end views necessary for real-time analysis of the network, applications, UC, Skype, and Citrix solutions running in the Contact Center, all from the same intuitive and contextual user interface.

The bank realized nGeniusONE’s single performance analytics dashboard would benefit user efficiency, and in a more cost-effective way than an alternate approach that was an unintegrated, patchwork offering of separate user interfaces and disjointed analysis.

The Results

The bank’s goal of achieving high-quality customer experience on calls with the Contact Center staff has been accomplished using nGeniusONE smart analytics for Skype and VoIP service assurance. Issues are identified and resolved in their earliest stages to prevent customer impact. Protecting application availability for these services means the bank can provide remote banking services to higher numbers of customers across multiple continents.

The same nGeniusONE platform is also used by the bank’s IT team to resolve Citrix issues quickly by providing real-time analysis of application traffic flows over the network.

From a capital expenditure vantage point, the NETSCOUT® solution approach also benefits the bank by offering a simplified pricing model for a “pay-as-you-grow approach.” The IT team initially deployed InfiniStream appliances at key vantage points to derive the traffic-based intelligence from the Contact Center environments for essential visibility and real-time analysis of Skype, UC, and Citrix service delivery, as well as overall network and application performance management.