Case Study

Global Contact Center Stops Dropped Calls with nGeniusONE

Global Contact Center Stops Dropped Calls with nGeniusONE


Business Challenge
  • Company call center agents experiencing increase in dropped calls
  • Related issues in meeting negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLA) for customer voice call services
  • Third-party signaling provider unable to troubleshoot VoIP performance issue
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with UC&C support
  • InfiniStream® appliances, with Adaptive Service IntelligenceTM (ASI)
  • nGenius® 3900 Series Packet Flow Switches
  • NETSCOUT Delivery Services
  • NETSCOUT University Training
Business Value
  • Improved VoIP performance issues for its call center customers
  • Enhanced call resolution troubleshooting leads to improved mean-time-to-resolution
  • High performance assured for dual data center voice network architecture

Customer Profile

This leading, global business process outsourcing operator is extending its solution portfolio and call center footprint to offer expanded services to its more than 300 customers. The company’s customer base includes major, global clients in healthcare, financial services, communications, and travel & leisure markets. In addition to call management services, the company offers a proprietary customer engagement solution that factors human, digital, and automated touchpoints.

Contact center operations are based in numerous call center facilities, also leveraging co-location data centers and home-based customer service agents using cloud-based call management platforms.

Business Challenge

One of the company’s Western U.S. contact center operations teams oversees a Voice over IP (VoIP) environment that includes Avaya and Cisco voice technology solutions operating at two call center locations. This voice environment supports the company’s technical services and call center management operations team.

The company’s call center agents began experiencing issues with dropped voice calls, resulting in customer service exchanges being interrupted before completion. Regardless of call status, telephone call lengths were varying from agent to agent, with customer exchanges abruptly dropping after 30 minutes.

In addition to dealing with customer service issues and frustrated call center agents unable to perform their duties as a result of the dropped calls, the company was unable to consistently meet negotiated Service Level Agreement thresholds regarding voice performance for the companies they were contracted to serve.

Existing third-party tools being employed by the IT team were unable to view the call flow architecture in a manner required for successful troubleshooting.


After a thorough review of requirements and alternative solutions, the company selected the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform to manage the Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) technology operating in its two call center locations.

In deploying redundant NETSCOUT configurations in two call center locations, the company implemented nGeniusONE platform for UC&C, including G.729 codec support. In addition, the company installed InfiniStream 4595 appliances, with Adaptive Service Intelligence at its call centers, as well as nGenius 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch (PFS) technology and NETSCOUT TAPs. The company uses the 3900 Series PFS for traffic aggregation in the two data centers, including to/from distribution switches to the core, as well as from distribution switches to edge routers.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

One month after deploying the NETSCOUT solution, the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform quickly provided the call center IT teams with baseline performance metrics for the VoIP environment, including Quality of Service (QoS) information, packet jitter transmission errors, and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) data for voice quality.

Soon thereafter, the company’s Voice IT team turned to nGeniusONE to help troubleshoot the cause of the dropped calls issue.

Visibility into the network traffic by the nGenius 3900 Series Packet Switches was forwarded to the InfiniStream appliance that applies ASI metadata to provide rich information about the performance of the company’s business services and UC&C environment through intelligent workflows in nGeniusONE. Performance analytics quickly equipped the Voice team with the right information and views to monitor, triage, and troubleshoot voice performance.

In particular, the Voice team used the nGeniusONE Media Monitor to investigate call quality, leveraging the Call Search feature to pull all calls to the direct inward dialing (DID) number. Using nGeniusONE-provided views of call number, agent number, and time of calls, the Voice team discovered that the call length did not correspond to the actual call duration time, because time in the call queue was not factored into the live call timeframe. Using the nGeniusONE Call Search tool, the Voice team saw that calls were ending at 30:01 on a consistent basis.

Using nGeniusONE, the Voice team definitively identified mis-configurations in the far-end vendor’s session border controllers that were ending calls prematurely. Once the vendor was contacted and configuration changes completed, calls were concluded only when customers and service reps had completed their conversations.

Business Value

This was a big win for the call center operator. By identifying a vendor misconfiguration as the source of the untimely dropped calls, the call center operator was able to restore confidence to their clients by returning to SLA performance. Furthermore, customers were pleased with the interaction with the service representatives, thus protecting the client’s reputation, customer loyalty, and revenue. This only benefits the outsourcing provider long-term, with valuable, happy clients.

The company’s Voice and Network Engineering IT teams use nGeniusONE UC&C Service Monitors and Service Dashboard views to improve call resolution timeframes, reduce associated MTTR, and improve the company’s ability to reach contracted SLAs as a call center service provider.

As a result of nGeniusONE’s success in the voice and network operations IT environment, the company is looking to expand its NETSCOUT footprint in a number of additional data centers.