Case Study

Cloud Services Provider Cuts Troubleshooting Time from 2 Days to 1 Hour with NETSCOUT

Cloud Services Provider Cuts Troubleshooting


Business Challenge
  • Serious quality and outage issues in UC&C cloud services negatively impacting customer experience
  • Outages resulting in breach of SLA agreements with customers costing company money. Damage to reputation impacts sales to new customers, causes loss of revenue, impacts IT staff productivity, wastes time and money
  • With more than a dozen point tools, IT taking days to pinpoint source of problems
  • Monitoring of UC&C environment allows customer to rapidly identify and resolve complaints with new UCaaS services
  • Deployment of nGeniusONE®, InfiniStreams, PFS, and UC collector for real-time monitoring across entire UC networks in data centers
  • Using Call Search to find the traffic and Session Analysis to look at signaling and call quality issues allows IT to reduce MTTR - cuts troubleshooting from 2 days to 1 hour
Businss Value
  • nGeniusONE platform delivers quality customer experience with improved troubleshooting of UCaaS environment
  • Improves MTTR and operational efficiency through consolidation of network monitoring and troubleshooting portfolio
  • Protects revenue and company reputation with rapid resolution of SLA breaches

Customer Profile

This European-based cloud services provider is a supplier of third-party outsourced IP solutions that include unified communications (UC) services. Whether the customer prefers a dedicated solution hosted from their data center or a cloud-based solution, this company has hundreds of staff, including dedicated certified technicians located across multiple offices throughout the region to bring services to their customers. With a business built on the promise of digital transformation, this company has seen growth in annual turnover (revenue) exceeding the equivalent of several hundred million U.S. dollars.

Business Challenge

For this cloud service provider, ensuring a quality customer experience through uninterrupted service was vital to the company’s reputation and business success. So, when issues arose that negatively impacted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) for customers, the company and their IT team in the cloud data center faced a critical challenge.

An increasing number of complaint tickets were being reported for problems, such as dropped calls, one-way calls, poor quality-of-service (QoS), echo, no connection, bad dial tone, callback problems, and broken calls. These issues were creating service level agreement (SLA) breaches for the new UCaaS, which threatened to impact current and future revenue from customers.

Despite having more than a dozen existing tools at their disposal to help find answers, the IT team was unable to quickly identify and resolve the root cause of the disruptions which, in some cases, were causing lengthy, full-day, outages. The impact on the IT team was a tremendous waste of time and resources. But more important was the increasingly poor customer satisfaction. The company faced the potential loss of customers from non-renewal of subscription services and loss of new customer revenue due to the poor service reputation.


To address its urgent UCaaS needs, the cloud service provider turned to NETSCOUT®. The cloud services company employed the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform InfiniStream® appliances with Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology, Unified Communications analysis for Skype for Business services, and Packet Flow Switches for real-time monitoring, visibility, and analysis across the company’s entire UC networks in its two critical data centers.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

Monitoring of the UC&C environment allowed customers to rapidly identify and resolve service complaints. nGeniusONE offers a logical, intuitive set of workflows to rapidly view the health and status of the services and identify the likely area of problems. With seamless drilldowns into call details using Call Search functions to analyze specific traffic and Session Analysis, the IT team was able to look at SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) call signaling, RTP audio (Real-time Protocol) sessions, and MOS scores. Armed with the information, they were able to delineate issues within the complex multi-vendor UC environment to pinpoint when there was a mis-configuration in the SBC (session border controller) versus a problem with latency across the WAN to the customer facilities. The Data Center Manager estimated that they were cutting troubleshooting time of customer impacting issues from two days down to one hour.

Business Value

The nGeniusONE platform provided the insights needed to enhance troubleshooting of the company’s UCaaS environment, ensuring delivery of a high-quality customer experience. The NETSCOUT solution has dramatically improved mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) from days to hours and increased operational efficiency by consolidating the company’s previously cumbersome network monitoring and troubleshooting portfolio. As a result, IT was able to maximize the use of resources to improve productivity, protect the company’s reputation through the rapid resolution of SLA breaches in customers’ UCaaS services, and prevent the loss of customers, avoiding costly SLA fines, and ultimately safeguarding vital revenue sources.