Case Study

BPO Operator Improves IT Efficiency by 80% with NETSCOUT

BPO Operator Improves IT Efficiency by 80% with NETSCOUT


Business Challenge
  • Voice infrastructure issue troubleshooting required numerous BPO operator corporate resources
  • Company sought MTTR reductions to improve customer satisfaction
  • IT focused on reducing level of effort and points of contact involved in troubleshooting and resolving voice performance issues
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with UC&C support
  • InfiniStream® appliances, with Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) smart data technology
  • nGenius® 3900 Series Packet Flow Switches
Business Value
  • Voice infrastructure issues resolved 80% faster with Netscout®, reducing the company’s agent impact hours
  • Netscout voice infrastructure monitoring reduces instances of high-severity calls
  • Improved IT collaboration between Voice, UC, Network, and Telco teams and Level 1-to-4 customer support resources
  • Enhanced ability to meet Contact Center SLAs and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Associated IT efficiencies translate to Netscout solution payback in less than 1 year

Customer Profile

This business processing outsourcing (BPO) operator provides call center services to hundreds of worldwide customers, using geographically dispersed data center facilities. The company’s customer base includes major global enterprises in healthcare, financial services, communications, and travel & leisure markets. In addition to call management and contact center services, the company offers a proprietary customer engagement solution that factors human, digital, and automated touchpoints.

Business Challenge

The BPO operator delivers various services to numerous customers using two Contact Center locations in North America. Long “War Room” sessions were occurring, with multiple IT teams involved, and without one definitive tool to leverage, which led to delays in resolving voice quality issues. The BPO operator conducted proofs-of-concept with several troubleshooting and monitoring vendors and chose NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance solutions (including nGeniusONE with Adaptive Service Intelligence, InfiniStream, and Packet Flow Switch technology) to help address these costly business challenges.

The BPO operator’s initial use of its production-level NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform at these Contact Centers yielded quick advancements in assuring customer call quality in the company’s voice infrastructure environment. Leveraging nGeniusONE’s Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) support, the company’s Voice IT team identified the source of dropped calls in the VoIP environment and significantly reduced the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and “cut in half” the number of IT sources necessary to resolve.

After experiencing those early successes with nGeniusONE, the IT team was convinced they were reducing the time it took to pinpoint the source of slowdowns in these two locations. They would still move problems through their normal escalation process (at times, involving senior-level IT resources) but were finding that pinpointing the problem was quicker at every level with nGeniusONE. These troubleshooting improvements were benefiting the call center agents (who could support more customers) and IT staff (who could move on to other projects that had been delayed).

The IT team had locations that did not have nGeniusONE deployed, and those sites continued to experience longer resolution times. The IT team’s goal was to improve MTTR in those locations by expanding the nGeniusONE solution. The challenge was to find a way to quantify the value they were receiving by using NETSCOUT.


In addressing these business challenges, the company is using the nGeniusONE platform, expanding its use to more fully monitor their Contact Center performance for its customers. The NETSCOUT solution deployment leverages the InfiniStream 4595 appliance with the Adaptive Service Intelligence data source, as well as an InfiniStreamNG™ 4895 appliance with an Extended Storage Unit providing enhanced voice steam processing performance.

The company also uses the nGenius 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch (PFS) technology for centralized network aggregation management.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

The NETSCOUT solution unites the Contact Center’s network, application, infrastructure, and UC&C monitoring activities for the IT teams tasked with maintaining uptime and high-quality service performance of the company’s voice environment for its customers. With InfiniStream and ASI smart data, NETSCOUT provides a common data source for all IT resources to leverage, regardless of their technical role or designated function in the customer support MTTR process. When compared to earlier multi-vendor solutions that represented discrete data sources for IT to manage, NETSCOUT smart data derived from wire traffic provides the company’s teams with the means to correlate performance issues and view true user experience in Contact Center operations.

At the same time, the nGeniusONE with UC&C support provides distinct features that target the respective needs of several IT teams.

Further, with nGeniusONE, the company’s Data Center Engineer are no longer required as hands-on resources for unknown occurrences of packet level changes.

Business Value

As expressed by the company’s Network Management and Telco Director resources upon viewing the voice performance snapshot, the NETSCOUT solution has seriously impacted the company’s Contact Center operations, providing collective IT teams with nGeniusONE technology that supports operational consistency, flexibility, and collaboration.

The company’s internal review analyses show a more-than 80% reduction in troubleshooting timeframes using the nGeniusONE solution with ASI smart data. In reducing MTTR on voice infrastructure issues, the company is able deliver higher-quality service to its Contact Center customers and is better positioned to comply with in-place SLAs with its clients.

Similar to the MTTR reductions quantified by other NETSCOUT customers, the BPO operator’s internal findings show nGeniusONE has succeeded in helping meet the company’s goal of reducing IT efforts involved in resolving UC&C performance issues for its customers.