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Recent changes in global work environments are leading to dramatically different traffic patterns and usage for Cable, Wi-Fi, and mobile connectivity to the internet for teleconferencing, eLearning, and business support. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Classroom, Saba, and all the other applications that support work-from-home and remote learning need to be working at optimum levels to handle this now normal traffic. Your customers and their children are depending on the availability of these services to work and learn remotely.

The NETSCOUT Solution

Your current nGenius® service assurance solution can help manage these challenges, and NETSCOUT is here to help you get the most from your nGenius solution.

Assure Critical Performance

Proactively monitor critical over-the-top (OTT) applications for remote work productivity.  Audit TopN remote productivity and eLearning applications by market. Understand how network traffic patterns are changing.

Triage Essential Voice Services

Differentiating between issues that are subscriber device based, home-based agents, or that emanate within the service provider network RAN or Core allows you to quickly troubleshoot voice quality issues from packet loss or latency, and voice connectivity issues relating to signaling.

Manage Bandwidth Utilization and QoS

Having visibility by application (WebEx, YouTube, Zoom, etc.) and service (voice, video, Wi-Fi, etc.) allows you to give priority to latency-sensitive voice and video traffic throughout the network infrastructure and over the internet, particularly important in the event of congestion.

Provide Visibility to OTT Video

Providers of educational services are continuously expanding their resources to cater to both business and at-home education. New content from popular OTT video applications such as Curiosity Stream, History Vault, Reading Corner, Kids Room, Great Lectures, and others are commonplace and need to be readily accessible whenever individuals, whether they are adults or children, are eager to learn.

Whether you are a wireless, cable, or fixed-line subscriber, having remote connectivity has never been more important. Staying connected to co-workers, taking online training, and moving the business forward through virtual meetings and conference calls as a remote or hybrid worker, is the new mode of operation.

With this change in business operations, and the reliance on voice and remote collaboration applications such as Webex and Zoom, service providers are experiencing never before seen usage levels and dramatically increased traffic distribution.

Continuous visibility of services and applications enables Network Engineering and Operations to stay on top of these traffic changes and to protect the availability and performance of critical infrastructure to enable remote user productivity.

Your nGenius service assurance solution can help manage these challenges and NETSCOUT can help you get the most from your nGenius solution.

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