Service Details

The DDoS Intelligent Warning Service is a subscription service available for TMS customers with AIF subscription, and APS customers with Advanced AIF subscription. It provides targeted early warnings against upcoming DDoS attacks. Armed with information provided in early warnings, customers can take immediate actions to better prepare for mitigating the attacks.

To enable the service, customers with the right level of AIF subscription shall provide the following provisioning information. The relevant network information (ie. IP, Domain, ASN, etc.) will be used to screen the potential targets of future attacks, so customer/service specific early warnings can be created and distributed accordingly.

Additional details regarding the DDoS Intelligent Warning Service can be found here. Details regarding the Terms and Conditions for the Service can be found in the Arbor Support Portal.

By registering for this Service, you represent and warrant that you have the full legal authority to bind your Company to the Terms and Conditions for this Service, and that you have read, understand and agree on behalf of your Company to the Terms and Conditions.

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