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Specialized Services

Experienced engineers stop problems before they start, working closely with you to better understand your individual environment and specific needs.

NetScout provides a robust set of services to help our customers meet any challenges that arise. Our specialized services span a wide range, including network assessments, health checks, optimization services and custom upgrade services. These high-value, proactive services are performed by experienced engineers who work closely with the customer to better understand your individual environment and specific needs.

Premium Support

On Site Engineer (OSE) 
For the most mission-critical environments, NetScout offers the OSE, a fulltime, Level 3 engineer hired and trained by NetScout, who resides at your location to offload backend tasks and maintenance and help ensure maximum system availability. The OSE functions as your advocate for resolving issues, escalating services needs and managing the planning, deployment and day-to-day maintenance of your NetScout environment, freeing your network operations team to take advantage of NetScout’s solutions to troubleshoot problems or concentrate on higher value, more strategic activities

Remote Site Engineer (RSE) 
An RSE is a NetScout support engineer who spends 20 hours/week dedicated to monitoring and managing your NetScout environment remotely from a NetScout location. In addition to acting as your primary point of contact into NetScout’s support organization, the RSE provides remote assistance with day-to-day, backend administration of your NetScout environment.

Inside Services Engineer (ISE)
The ISE is a regional NetScout engineer who is assigned to your account to shepherd incident-driven product issues or other concerns on your behalf. The ISE is able to help resolve issues faster and more effectively, resulting in a better return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

nGeniusONE Delivery Service

The Delivery Service is a structured program to accelerate business value of the nGeniusONE solution. With a NetScout expert guiding the process, your service delivery staff will be able to quickly configure business-specific workflows to optimize your service delivery monitoring. Our delivery experts can recommend selected features and best practices to enhance your nGeniusONE solution. Your team will learn to define and monitor your critical business services using NetScout’s proven service triage methodology.


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