Our solutions ensure the delivery of applications and services to your organization.

Solutions for Utilities and Energy

Watch over all your systems with a platform that limits outages so the lights stay bright.

Have unprecedented confidence to maintain service availability to all utility customers with real time, actionable, traffic-based intelligence.

Getting in front of problems before they become a problem
You need to deliver time-sensitive service performance details surrounding energy generation, transmission, and consumption. To accomplish this task you need to gather traffic data at key vantage points throughout your IT environment and gain clear and rapid insight to enable you proactively triage performance issues in real-time.

Keep the lights on
Keeping the lights on is an imperative for utilities, which for IT means off is not an option. Our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology help you achieve service assurance across geographically dispersed, mobile, and highly segmented IT environments.

A powerful solution that helps you keep utilities up and running
The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and ASI technology take advantage of sophisticated traffic-based technologies that provide clear insights into potential service performance problems, so you can proactively and rapidly triage outages or degradations and excel through security forensic before they impact customers.

Our solution enables your IT organization to:

  • Proactively triage service degradations that impact critical power generation and transmission services before they become service outages
  • Maintain high availability access to customer billing and consumption records
  • Manage WAN/MPLS-based network capacity and budget planning activities
  • Support disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Support mobile/wireless initiatives for field technicians and meter reading activities
  • Solve problems rapidly to maintain quality VoIP experiences for customer interactions with call centers
  • Watch over all your systems, services and vulnerabilities vigilantly today and into the future

NetScout technology and products include:

“The nGenius solution allows us to more easily address application performance problems across the entire network and maintain a robust IT infrastructure.”  -Utility Provider
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Solutions you can trust
In an increasingly complex, vulnerable, and connected world, NetScout gives you the confidence to operate, innovate, and compete at the highest level. Let us show you how our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and ASI technology can give you the insights you need to keep the power flowing.


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