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In today’s connected world, visibility is key. Without it, you don’t know how your subscribers are experiencing your network and services. It is impossible to know if hackers are attacking your network or if subscribers are merely following the latest trend.

NETSCOUT is a leader in providing mobile operators network and service visibility. Now, with the addition of the technology and expertise of Tektronix Communications, Arbor Networks, VSS Monitoring, and Fluke Networks combined we are able to provide operators the broadest portfolio of service assurance technology.

Service Assurance for the Connected World. Providing visibility from the edge to the core to the cloud. We offer the insight, analytics, security, and visibility to allow you to innovate with confidence.

Visibility – Improve business agility with cost effective, in-depth visibility to next generation technologies allowing operators to understand the customer experience in real-time: 4G/LTE, VoLTE, VoWifi, Video, Data, IoT

Virtualization – Save CapEx through NFV monitoring with agile, elastic software solutions which provide insights across physical and virtual infrastructure: NFV, SDN, SON

Analytics – Gain key insights with intelligent, predictive customer data which supports carriers’ big data ecosystem: Big Data, Enablement, Automation, Monetization

Security – DDoS and Advanced Threat Protection, backed by industry leading threat intelligence

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