We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.


Pinpoint performance issues and isolate the root cause, so you can rapidly solve network performance problems before they become user problems.

The need for granular insights into application and network performance
Regardless of the complexity of your organization’s applications and networks, your operations teams are expected to keep everything up and running under any circumstances. In order to accomplish this, you need granular-level insights into performance so you can quickly troubleshoot problems.

Overcoming Problems in Complex Environments
An inability to effectively troubleshoot highly complex applications and networks can leave your operations at risk. NetScout’s Sniffer Analysis lets you get to the source of the problem quickly by conducting granular, packet-level analysis that targets performance issues and identifies root causes.

Unprecedented granular packet forensic analysis capabilities
NetScout’s Sniffer Analysis provides unprecedented granular packet forensic analysis capabilities that enhance and simplify troubleshooting. This innovative product performs highly granular packet analysis, mining and decoding of packets captured and stored by InfiniStream appliances. As a result, you can quickly pinpoint performance anomalies and isolate the root cause, allowing you to rapidly solve the most challenging problems.

 Sniffer Analysis helps you:

  • Conduct packet-level analysis
  • Quickly pinpoint performance anomalies
  • Isolate root causes so network operations staff can rapidly solve complex application and network performance issues

“By adding the analysis power of the Sniffer technologies to the real-time monitoring of the nGenius, NetScout has positioned itself as a company that can provide both network analysis and application performance solutions.”
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In an increasingly complex, vulnerable, and connected world, NetScout gives you the confidence to operate, innovate and compete at the highest level. Let us show you how Sniffer Analysis lets you quickly pinpoint problems.


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