We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.



Comprehensive solutions to optimize, protect, and simplify service delivery and performance management.


Converged network and application performance management

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InfiniStream Platforms

Enabling pervasive visibility for all applications and services that flow across an IP network for real-time and historical analysis.

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Monitoring Switches and TAPs

Simplify and streamline your monitoring architecture to reduce risk to the network.

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Analysis Modules

To perform service triage on the most challenging subscriber issues, comprehensive coverage of control, and data plane session analysis.

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Sniffer Analysis

Pinpoint performance issues and isolate the root cause, so your network operations staff can rapidly solve the most challenging, complex application and network performance problems.

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Iris Applications

See and hear the end-to-end detail of your subscriber sessions. Uncover and analyze the specific calls and sessions that fail to deliver required performance.

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