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Test Tools for Lab and Production

Test Lab
Spectra2 SE2 can be installed on COTS hardware or VM environmentsNETSCOUT’s Spectra2 solutions provide test and validation functions to ensure the successful deployment of new networks, network expansions, or software upgrades. With the Spectra2 intuitive user interface and flexible API, end-to-end testing of VoIP, IMS, and LTE networks has never been easier. If you are tasked with testing specific functions in a communication network, Spectra2 can emulate the surrounding components required to enable comprehensive test coverage.

Deploying a solution into production does not end the need for testing. Our Spectra2 solutions can help identify problems sooner, and decrease time-to-resolution by periodically initiating test sessions on a live network. Any degradation in response time or QoS is immediately reported to your existing service assurance solution.

NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 SE2 solution is a software edition that can be deployed on COTS hardware or VM environments.

high density media options that support 100,000+ simultaneous voice sessionsOur Spectra2 XL3 platform includes high density media options that support 100,000+ simultaneous voice sessions.

supports T1/E1 PSTN interfaces & associated protocols, and high density VoIP optionsAnd the Spectra23U  supports T1/E1 PSTN interfaces and associated protocols, along with high density VoIP options.

Target Communication Networks and Technology:

  • IMS, EPC, and LTE networks
  • WebRTC functions and solutions
  • Popular audio and video codecs
  • Legacy PSTN testing and interoperability

Highlights include:

  • Flexible deployment options including software-only, VM, and server-based
  • API for automated regression testing
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Reproducing problems from network capture files
  • Continuous testing in production environments


Optimize Your Time

Test case development consumes your time
For the purpose of testing and troubleshooting, field issues frequently need to be re-created in the test lab environment. To ensure that a solved problem does not manifest itself a second time in the network, test cases can be added into regression test suites, ensuring that events such as software upgrades do not “break” the network as they are installed.

There are several time consuming steps to building a test case – starting with capturing and importing the messages, editing those message headers and payloads so that they accurately represent IP address schemes and user credential profiles of the test lab, and finally building the sequence of events with appropriate timing. The time required to build these test cases can be overbearing and extremely time consuming – not to mention, highly subject to human error.

Automated Multi-Protocol Scripting reclaims your time
With Spectra2, the process of building test cases is now as simple as collecting the traffic into a capture file, importing that capture file into Spectra2, and using the Automated Multi-Protocol Scripting feature.

Within seconds, exact replicas of problem scenarios can be recreated, using the actual messages and data parameters as they were used in the field. Following a simple procedure, messages can be easily imported from a capture file and turned into test cases with minimal manual intervention.

That capture file can then be imported into Spectra2, where the data is automatically correlated into a multi-protocol call flow. Endpoint nodes can then be created and added to the flow. The resulting test cases, tailored specifically for your test lab environment, are then ready to be executed.

What previously took hours to execute, now takes only seconds with Spectra2.

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