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Meet the demands of complex test lab environments
Today’s rapidly evolving, complex test lab environments are placing significant demands on your organization. You need to simultaneously improve resource utilization and reduce test cycle time, while saving on capital and operational expenditures.

Lack of centralized lab management
Traditional solutions don’t allow for remote management of test lab infrastructure. With no centralized management, there is a decided lack of controls and audit trails, adding to the complexity for test lab professionals.

Increase efficiency, speed, and performance of test labs
NetScout’s TestStream Management Software for nGenius 3900 Series packet flow switch provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface to define and manage topologies using layer 1 switching and to apply layer 2-4 functions enabling increased efficiency, speed, and performance of test labs. Our solution can help you meet the demands of today’s high-performance test labs, as well as prepare you for whatever the future brings.

Products you can trust
NetScout understands the challenges test lab professionals face in today’s evolving, complex test lab environments. Let us show you how our TestStream Management Software enables improved efficiency, speed, and performance of test labs.

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