We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.


Extend traffic-based intelligence and service visibility to the branch environment.

Focused visibility in your branch offices
Your remote branch locations can benefit from a passive, non-disruptive data source that deploys within the service modules of Cisco’s Integrated Services Routers. You will gain visibility and analysis into WAN traffic to the branch from the data center, cloud service providers, other branches, as well as the local remote office LAN traffic.

See the whole picture
Traditional service delivery approaches fail to give you the complete picture for remote and geographically dispersed office locations. With NetScout’s nGenius Integrated Agent, you are able to extend real-time, traffic-based intelligence to the branch environment, so you can pinpoint the origin of a problem before it can pin down your services.

Real-time, actionable intelligence anywhere in your network
nGenius Integrated Agent is a self-contained virtualized probe software that integrates with services routers for deployment in the branch office and at the network edge. Our solution creates a holistic and scalable view of traffic traversing the network. When used as a complement to the InfiniStream appliance data with Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, you can identify and resolve issues and assure extraordinary service quality.

The nGenius Integrated Agent provides cost-effective monitoring at remote offices where the lack of IT resources makes application and network performance management a challenge. Visibility into traffic to and from the WAN, between branch offices, and within the local LAN gives you the ability to take the offense against performance issues before they impact users and customers.

“The nGenius solution helps us to quickly determine whether there is an actual problem and, if so, the nature, cause, and location of the issue. Having all this information readily available allows us to not only resolve issues faster, but to protect service delivery by preventing them from
recurring in the future.”
– EMC Insurance Companies
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Products you can trust
NetScout provides time-proven solutions that unlock the power of traffic-based data to efficiently deliver service intelligence in the world’s largest and most demanding networks. Let us show you how nGenius Integrated Agent creates a holistic, scalable view of all traffic traversing the network.


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