We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.


Streamline service assurance and optimize the investments made in your nGenius solution with analysis modules that ensure quality Unified Communications (UC), protecting your enterprise network from nefarious insider actions.

Your investment in the nGeniusONE platform and strategically deployed NetScout Intelligent Data Sources provides the solution necessary to deliver highly scalable, robust service assurance within your enterprise environment. The nGeniusONE platform can also be the foundation to support other essential IT initiatives related to reducing MTTR for issues impacting corporate UC services, as well as to augment existing CyberSecurity strategies.

Gain unparalleled visibility into IP communications
With the dependency on high-quality voice and video to nearly every aspect of business communications, NetScout is simplifying UC performance management. The nGenius UC Server delivers real-time, traffic-based visibility into voice and video sessions with powerful analysis and troubleshooting capabilities for taking the offense against degradations that impact UC quality.

Protect sensitive corporate data
As CyberSecurity is also top of mind for everyone in the business community, we provide a holistic view into the content of Internet communications to gain a complete picture of what is transpiring in your network. From insider fraud to regulatory requirements to keep information secure, you need NetScout’s nGenius Cyber Investigator to counter insider malfeasance and protect sensitive corporate data.

Analysis modules supporting the nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution includes:

nGenius UC Server – a specialized UC performance management module that provides deep application-level insight into UC services. nGenius UC Server dynamically measures and extracts granular call and session quality as well as user experience metrics from active UC media streams. Collected metrics are correlated to provide a unique view into UC service behavior for granular per-user, per-session visibility into UC application-level behavior. When deployed as a co-resident application in conjunction with the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, the UC Server supports multi-vendor and multi-location UC deployments, and provides real-time, actionable intelligence for IP-based voice and video sessions.

nGenius Cyber Investigator – helps you collect and view evidence of insider malfeasance, offering holistic visibility into IP communications so you have a complete picture of what transpired—whether it involved email, social media, chat, Web, voice, or video. Our solution lets you reconstruct captured network traffic, enabling you to meet the demands of those concerned with insider fraud, workplace harassment, and corporate compliance.

It is wonderful to have customizable ad hoc reports from the nGenius solution because it allows my engineering team to successfully communicate problems and resolutions and contribute to the people in other IT and business areas.” -Network Engineering Team Manager


Products you can trust
In an increasingly complex, vulnerable, and connected world, NetScout gives you the confidence to operate, innovate and compete at the highest level. Let us show you how nGenius Cyber Investigator counters insider malfeasance by extending the IT investigative capability throughout the IT operational domain.

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