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Cisco Systems VOIP

Cisco compatible certification

When assuring VoIP quality, it’s especially critical that solutions operate flawlessly—and NetScout solutions do just that. The nGenius Service Assurance Solution has successfully passed interoperability testing following specified testing criteria set by Cisco. NetScout has been certified on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IP Phones with support for monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco-specific protocols. Using Cisco Compatible products can help customers reduce the risk of interoperability issues between Cisco and third-party products, and shorten implementation cycles.

Leverage packet-flow data for deep visibility
To help deliver high-quality Cisco unified communications services, the nGenius Service Assurance Solution leverages packet-flow data derived from the real traffic traversing the network to provide deep visibility and action-oriented data needed to:

  • Monitor IP voice, video, and data traffic side-by-side to determine how application services are being delivered and compete for common resources
  • Analyze data and identify worst performing links by jitter, packet loss, and dropped calls to make proper upgrade and optimization decisions
  • Gain intelligent early warning of high call volume and increased number of dropped calls with nGenius Service Delivery Manager anomaly and KPI alerts to recognize potential service delivery problems before broad impact on end users
  • Provide both summaries and trends of key VoIP parameters, as well as detailed intelligence on per call statistics, leveraging both nGenius Performance Manager and Sniffer Intelligence to isolate who is using VoIP on a specific link and the quality of experience they are receiving
  • Monitor trends in mean opinion score (MOS) to measure changes in perceived experience

Enabling products 
Associated Cisco Solutions:

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