ENGAGE 17 Call For Topics

ENGAGE 17 Call For Topics

Everyone is welcome to submit proposed topics for this year’s ENGAGE 17 agenda. Each proposed session will be reviewed by the ENGAGE planning team for possible inclusion.

Our goal this year, is to provide sessions that support our overall Service Triage/Service Assurance strategy of our nGeniusONE Performance Management platform, CyberSecurity offerings and ASI. Topics should be aligned to NETSCOUT’s family of solutions, initiatives and customer business cases. Customer success stories and unique use cases are excellent topics. Below are some suggested topics and ideas.

Technology Topic Suggestions for ENGAGE 17


  • Performance Management
  • Business and Service Assurance
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Datacenter Technology and Architecture
  • Cloud-based and web-based services
  • Mobility and BYOD
  • Unified Communications (Voice, Video, Telepresence)
  • Customer Use Cases
  • Industry-specific topics (Healthcare, Financial Services, etc.)

Service Provider

  • Mobile
    • RAN Optimization/planning
    • IMS
    • Mobile evolution 2G/3G/4G/LTE
    • 5G/IoT
    • Voice- VoLTE/IMS/Voice over WiFi
    • Mobile Data
    • Mobile Video/WiFi Offload


  • Cable/Fixed/Satellite
    • Carrier WiFi
    • Voice – IMS/VoIP/SIP
    • EPG/VOD/Video Service Assurance


  • Common Service Provider Sessions
    • Cyber Security (DDOS, Advanced Threat, Peering)
    • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics/Big Data
    • Network Services/Service Enablers (DNS/AAA/DHCP…)

Either Enterprise or Service Provider Audiences

  • Cyber Security
  • Monitoring Fabric

All submissions will be reviewed in context with their alignment to and support for our strategic objectives and the agenda for ENGAGE 17 Summit. To ensure program continuity, adjustment to your session proposals may be made, and some topics and/or speakers may be combined.

A representative from the ENGAGE Planning team will contact you to discuss each submission no later than mid to late November. If your topic and/or speaker role are selected, the team will set up a schedule of follow-on reviews during to finalize your submission and work on the content needed for April 2017.

Please contact Clarissa Wright at clarissa.wright@netscout.com or 603-866-2653 if you have any questions or need assistance with accessing the web-based submission tool.

Due Date
Call for Topics - ENGAGE 17 Submissions OpenSeptember 23, 2016
Call for Topics - CloseOctober 24, 2016
Call for Topics - NotificationsMid to Late November, 2015


Session Type Definitions
  • Product Overview

  • Solution Overview

  • Best Practices

  • Customer Case Study

  • Use Case Examples

  • Panel Session


Tips & Guidelines
Submitting Call for Topics
  • Session titles should be descriptive of the content and use common keywords

  • Write an abstract that is easy to read and describes the value an attendee of the presentation would get out of it

  • Standard presentation time slots are 50 minutes. We suggest allocating 5 to 10 minutes for a Q&A period within that timeframe

  • Please verify all contact and content information before submitting
Abstract Development
  • Your first sentence should succinctly describe what the attendee will learn/gain from your session

  • Be sure to use keywords that speak to the attendee

  • Use an active voice for abstract and presentation and avoid using acronyms

  • Do not enter the title in the body of the abstract

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