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Certification Procedures

Exam procedures and policies
Each exam challenges candidates to apply the specific knowledge they acquired through NetScout University training and job experience. nGenius certification exams are comprised of 25 to 50 multiple-choice questions. Each exam requires one to two hours to complete. Questions primarily use the multiple-choice format.

Exam fees and access
The cost of all nGenius exams is included with the course registration fee. Upon successful completion of an associated course, students are automatically enrolled in the exam. Candidates can then log in to the NetScout University Learning Management System (LMS) and access the exam from their transcript page.

Exam preparation
Enrollment and completion of the NetScout University course associated with the certification is required for each exam. Independent study and experience with NetScout products may increase a candidate’s chance of completing the exam successfully. Participants are encouraged to focus on the course objectives when preparing for the assessment.

Passing the exam
To pass the exam, students must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in the time allotted. If a student does not pass after the first attempt, two retakes are permitted. There is a large pool of questions available for each exam. For each retake, students will be presented with a random subset of questions.

Previous certifications
There is a path for students with previous certifications to accelerate more quickly in the new NetScout University program. Participants who have taken the Networking and Application Performance Analysis course (TRN-191-TCL or TRN-191-VCL), and completed the associated exam successfully, are eligible for this option.

These individuals are not required to complete the NetScout Certified Associate level before testing at the NetScout Certified Specialist level. To be eligible, candidates must have earned the previous nGenius Certified Professional (nCP) certification within the past two years (from the date that the exam was completed).

Certification duration 
NetScout University certifications are valid for two years from the date that the candidate completes the exam. Due to the fast-paced nature of technology and application development, individuals are encouraged to review and renew the certification options at least every two years.

Upon successful completion of a certification exam, certificates will be available to you immediately in your transcript in the NetScout University Learning Management System (LMS). Click here to access the LMS.

Candidates who successfully complete the certification process can also proudly display their certification status on signature lines, business cards, and in online profiles such as LinkedIn. When you have attained a certification, please contact us to gain access to certification logos.

All participants who earn certifications will be recognized at NetScout’s annual Engage 2015 Technology and User Summit. A special event for participants who earn the NetScout Certified Expert is also planned for Engage.





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