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The NetScout Certification Program is designed to:

  • Develop application performance management and service triage skills
  • Provide learning paths and professional development goals for participants
  • Increase individual and workgroup productivity
  • Help managers identify the most qualified technical professionals in their organizations
  • Deliver better application performance management and service triage outcomes for NetScout customers


Level Course
NetScout-Associate nGeniusONE Platform Enterprise Essentials
nGeniusONE Platform Essentials for Service Providers
NetScout-Specialist nGeniusONE Platform Administration
nGenius 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch (PFS) Operations
NetScout-Expert Comprehensive Exam
Pre-requisites: NCA-nG1 and NCS-PFS certification


Program overview

The Certification Program provides opportunities for participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skill with NetScout’s core products. Each certification is associated with a NetScout University course. After attending the corresponding course, students are automatically enrolled in the corresponding exam. Active participation in class, together with product experience or independent study, will prepare the candidate to successfully pass the exam.

Each course is presented by a live instructor via the internet or in a traditional classroom environment. Visit our Technical Training page for more information about our virtual training or on-site training classes.

Advanced enterprise students have the opportunity to progress to the NetScout Certified Expert level. To earn the NCE certification, participants must first complete the Product Associate and Product Specialist certifications. Candidates are also required to pass a comprehensive exam that includes questions from each of the underlying courses in the certification program.

Conference certification

NetScout sponsors several conferences throughout the year during which participants have the opportunity to attend technical breakout sessions and hands-on seminars that teach service triage concepts and techniques using NetScout’s nGenius products. During these events, attendees can register for a conference certification that validates their comprehension of key topics presented at these sessions. Details for earning these certifications will be presented at the scheduled events.

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