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Assured Delivery

Proactively pinpoint and repair system errors to assure your services
are always delivered without a hitch.

Assure Delivery of IP Based Services
While the strategic importance of delivering IP based services is constantly increasing, enterprises and service providers are being pressured to find ways to deliver these services faster, with higher quality, and in more cost-efficient ways. In a reactive mode of operation, IT is reliant on users to detect and report problems. This combined with point visibility from a multitude of silo-specific management tools significantly extends the time required to detect and repair service degradations and outages. To assure service availability, enterprises and service providers need a comprehensive performance management tool which offers end-to-end visibility across physical, virtual, and hybrid service delivery infrastructure. This tool needs to proactively detect service degradations and quickly pinpoint the root-cause to expedite the repair and assure high service availability. This capability is referred to as proactive service triage.

Proactive Service Triage

Gain a holistic, end-to-end view across your delivery infrastructure and quickly
identity any issues at their root.

Proactive Service Triage with nGeniusONE Performance Management Platform
A proactive approach to performance management is enabled with the nGeniusONE platform, which automatically establishes performance baselines, performs trend analysis over time, and generates alerts on significant deviations from these baselines. The nGeniusONE platform also offers a holistic, end-to-end view across physical and virtual service delivery infrastructure, and supports service-oriented workflows to identify the source of service degradation before users are affected. Proactive service triage helps minimize the time required to identify and repair the root-cause and takes action to avoid future impact to end-users.

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Enabling Technologies

Turn big data into no big deal with scalable and reliable insight into your service infrastructure.

Enabling Technologies
Proactive service triage is based on effective analysis of data collected in a pervasive and scalable fashion from the traffic across your service delivery infrastructure. NetScout Packet Flow Switches provide scalable and reliable access to this traffic from multiple access points, filters the relevant data, and delivers it to the right nGenius Intelligent Data Source. The packet flow data collection and aggregation is passive and non-intrusive and can scale to collect any required volumes of data across any physical or virtual service delivery infrastructure.

The nGenius Intelligent Data Sources then process the collected data in a distributed and parallelized manner and convert this data into service delivery metadata. The parallelization of service delivery data processing facilitates real-time service delivery management and increases the solution scalability.

Adaptive Session Intelligence (ASI)

Collect, normalize, correlate, and analyze all your business services data through one smart system.

Adaptive Session Intelligence (ASI) is patented technology that uses a rich packet-flow data, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, to generate highly scalable metadata that enables a comprehensive real-time and historic view of service, network, application, and server performance. This powerful tool for data-mining, runs on nGenius Intelligent Data Sources and generates metadata based upon actual session traffic in real-time. The ASI technology is the foundation of NetScout's highly scalable service performance management architecture. It seamlessly collects, normalizes, correlates, and contextually analyzes data for all business services.

Data collection, contextual analysis, and visualization are implemented with the nGeniusONE Performance Management platform. The nGeniusONE platform pulls the metadata stored on the nGenius Intelligent Data Sources as required to establish service delivery performance baselines and facilitate service-oriented troubleshooting workflows in real-time.

  • NetScout enables us to proactively detect and manage issues before they affect our clients.”

    - Volodymyr Polishchuk, Systems Engineer at Cerner Corporation


IT services enable businesses to take on the challenges of modern day enterprise. and play a pivotal part in the success and growth of these businesses. In order for this to happen, the quality of these services must be assured. NetScout provides real-time visibility into the business services and their respective delivery infrastructure for complete performance management. Because when you have business services that are ready for anything, its all systems go.

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